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Frequently Asked Questions about MAJU


Who is eligible to join MAJU?

We welcome all Singaporean youths between the ages of 17 and 35, with a fervent passion and policy ideas for Singapore! Visit the ‘Join Us’ tab for more details. 


What roles can I apply for?

Applications for Policy Explainer (PE) Writers are open throughout the year. Recruitment for Policy Paper (PP) Writers will only commence in May 2023.


What is the application process?

MAJU has a 2-stage application process. The first stage is an online application in which candidates submit their CV. The second stage is a 30-min interview.


I have no prior experience, can I still join?

Of course! A large part of our aim at MAJU is to engage, educate and guide youths interested in policies to jointly formulate policy ideas of their own - so no prior experience is required. 


Who will I be working with?

As a PE Writer, you will be working in teams of two, and guided by our Head Policy Explainers.

As a PP Writer, you will be emplaced in a Policy Centre of up to 5 other writers. Do note that applications for PP Writers will only commence in May 2023.


What is the commitment for PP/PE Writers?

PE Writers will complete PEs in 3-4 week cycles within their team.

PP Writers will complete PPs within a research cycle of up to 4 months.

All Writers are expected to commit a minimum of 4 hours per week to their research, beyond regular team meetings and potential engagement with stakeholders.

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