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Member Testimonials

Hear from those who have worked with us!


"I have always had a keen interest in policy work, and wanted to engage more deeply. MAJU provided that opportunity to work on a longer-form policy paper. I really enjoyed the collaborative process and hearing opposing viewpoints, especially from those not from a similar academic background."

Shanna Kaur from '02/National Development' Policy Centre
Yale-NUS College, Major in Global Affairs with Minor in Chinese Studies

"In my second year in NS, I had a bit more free time and MAJU was another excellent opportunity to keep myself engaged intellectually and stay a thinking soldier. Ultimately, the rigorous research was a good transition for university. If you’re an NSF, I strongly encourage you to join!"

Jason Lam from '02/Culture, Community & Identity' Policy Centre
Pending matriculation to NTU, previously a Full-Time National Serviceman (NSF)


"My experience at MAJU has been a fulfilling one. From conducting primary research to ideating for improvements to existing policies, this has allowed me to refine my critical thinking skills as well as gain new perspectives on social issues. I am excited to see MAJU grow even further to encompass more policy areas."

Mohammad Zulhilmi from '02/Social Affairs' Policy Centre
London School of Economics, BSc Politics and International Relations

"I firmly believe in MAJU's mission - that even youths can play a meaningful role throughout the government's consultation process.  It is a rare and enjoyable opportunity to think, discuss, and write about policy critically with like-minded youth."

Liew Li Ren from '02/National Development' Policy Centre
University of Cambridge, BA Law

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